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Miss Fuzzy

New Challenge! *gasp*

Hi there,

I hope people are still interested in this little community? I am sorry for going on such a long non-announced hiatus. Anyway, I thought we could try again and see how it goes, so on to the challenge.

As the original Challenge #21 didn't go so well (no entries for the BabyShambles lyrics challenge), let's revisited Challenge #21 but this time it is all about Didz! He did not have his own challenge up to now, but he definitely deserves one, so here we go :)

- Please only use the pictures provided.
- All the icons must fit LJ standards. (100x100, etc.)
- Brushes, textures, etc. are allowed. Animation, of course, isn't.
- You can blend images, reuse them, whatever you like.
- You can submit as many icons as you want.
- Submit your icons as a comment to this post. They will be screened.
- Deadline is friday, October 31st.
- And above all: Have fun :D


please click on the preview to get the full picture

Tags: challenge, challenge #21 take 2
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