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libertinestills's Journal

The Libertines Stills
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A Libertines Stillness Community

this is a libertines (british band) stillness community. the stillness movement has been started by quebelly. the community is moderated by crunchpow
layout codes by reversescollide // banners by me // mini-icons by _excentric_ // picture by andrewkendall

join the community before submitting your icons.

this is a stillness community. you can submit icons with text, textures, brushes,... but no animations.

Icons must fit the Live Journal standards: No bigger than 40 KB, in either JPG, GIF or PNG format.

don't post your icons elsewhere before the end of the challenge, they are supposed to be anonymous.

you can't of course vote for yourself or tell people to vote for you.

you need to be logged in in order to vote.

if you want to use one of the icons, ask the maker, not me.

only use the blank or caps provided, no adding other pictures unless stated otherwise.
submitting and voting

after reading the general rules, submit your icons in the challenge post with the url of your icons.


you'll have to vote for 3 icons, by commenting on the voting post. all comments will be screened. you don't have to be a member of the community to vote, or to be part of the challenge. but you can of course vote if you submitted an icon.

there will be 3 winners and the mod's choice.
affiliates and links
jokersattack // arctic_icontest // franzicontest // indie_stills // adam_stills // strokes_stills // kirstenstills // monkeestills // dream_icontest // groupie_stills affiliates?
We also have a suggestion box, where every comment is very much appreciated :)